Before-after micro-camera pictures

The first picture shows as a sebaceous layer is streaming back to the hair follicle, thereby thinning, the hair and making it heavy. On the second image it can be seen well, that the hair follicle entrance is cleaner, and inflammation fades.

Before-after micro-camera pictures

With micro-camera you can see the difference even after the first treatment. Use the slider to see the results!

icon-gift2000 implanted hairs or more: free special herbal shampoo for after treatment!
4000 implanted hairs or more: plus free Visia Digital Skin Analysis!

Visia Skin Analysis System will give you a complex view about the condition of your skin.

Reasonable prices

You only pay for the grafts that are really implanted.

Experience and precision

More than 1,5 million tranplanted hairs. Our doctors are all experienced professionals.

Modern technology

We use only the latest FUE2 Safe System technology


Unique after-treatment program to keep your hair strong and vital

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