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At out clinic we use only the latest FUE2 Safe System. We give a 100% guarantee on each hair transplantation and a unique treatment program to keep your hair beautiful and vital for a long time.

100% Hair Guarantee

It is not easy to make a treatment decision.
We give you a 100% hair guarantee to assure you, you will be in the best hands.

Guarantee for a permanent result

Your implanted hair will stay and grow for a lifetime. Transplanted hair is taken from the back of the scalp and is resistant to DHT, the hormone that causes male pattern baldness. Using your own hair results in a perfect natural look.


No scars or marks left after surgery.

We guarantee there will be no scars or marks left after surgery. Little scabs and redness on the recipient site disappear within 7-10 days. Both donor and recipient sites will heal with no visible marks left.


100% hair guarantee

We hope our highly skilled doctors and amazing results make you feel reassured by our reputation for reliability and quality. But to give you even greater peace of mind we now give our clients a lifetime gurantee on all hair restoration procedures.


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Reasonable prices!

You only pay for the exact number of hairs that are implanted!

Experience and precision

More than 1,5 million tranplanted hairs. Our doctors are all experienced professionals.

Modern Technology

We use only the latest FUE2 Safe System technology


Unique hairconditioning és after-treatmentsto keep your hair strong and vital

Free consultation

You can always consult with one of our experienced hair specialist doctors.


During a one- two- or three-days surgery we transplant the amount of hairs needed.


Try our special after-treatments to keep your hair strong and vital!

Beautiful and thick hair

The result: your new hair will be as in the „old times“.



My hair started to fall out at about age 18. By the time I turned 28-30 there was visible balding in the front areas of the scalp and also on the pate. I took all kinds of vitamins and hormones to improve the situation but it was far from satisfying. I know that time goes on and all that, but still it was a bit shocking. Finally, I decided to try hair transplantation. It turned out to be a good idea, I do not say that I'm a rock star, but the scalp is not flashing anymore, and that feels great.


The clinic was very sympathetic at first, through the consultation, a doctor showed me exactly, what the options are. I had a lot of questions, and I got answers to all of them. The surgery and was not bad at all, apart from a few stubs the beginning, I did not feel anything special. And hair grew out! :-)


I already had a hair transplant the past, it was made with strip method, so unfortunately it left a narrow scar on the back, but the implanted hair grew out well. Therefore, I did not even hesitate when I realised, it is time to make another session to rebuild the hair line and make a little thickening as well. I more or less knew what to expect, but this new method is better, it leaves no scars on the back or anywhere. It takes a little time to see the results, but this is how it works. The ladies are very nice!

Special offering over 2000 implanted hairs!

icon-gift2000 implanted hairs or more: free special herbal shampoo for after treatment!
4000 implanted hairs or more: free Visia Digital Skin Analysis!

Visia Skin Analysis System will give you a complex view about the condition of your skin.

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